Contax RTS. Olypmpus Newpic Zoom 70. Lomo Smena 8M. Olympus Sylus Epic Zoom 170 Deluxe. Holga 120. Nikon D70s. Polaroid Spirit 600. Hasselblad 500C.
Appreciate beauty. Experiment. Have fun. Go crazy.


Metropolitain Montréal, Québec
April 2006
Winterlude Ottawa, Ontario
February 2006
Walt & Mickey Orlando, Florida {Cross-Processed}
November 2005
Epcot Sphere Orlando, Florida
November 2005
Parliament Building Ottawa, Ontario
July 2005
Festival of Lights Montréal, Québec
February 2005
Santa Monica Beach California
August/September 2004
Kimonos Japan
May 2004
Festival of Lights Montréal, Québec
February 2004
Downtown Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada
July 2003
Old State House Boston, Massachussetts
August/September 2002
Vieux Québec Québec City, Québec
July 2002
Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
July/August 2000

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